Gas Block Genie .625" Barrel

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The Gas Block Genie is a must-have tool for easily assembling your AR platform rifle. Gas Block Genie allows you to install your gas block to the perfect depth and angle on the first shot!

It's reusable, and comes with instructions! All you'll need is a very fine point marker or scribe.

Pencil Barrel Gas Block Genie. Fits all .625" barrels. 

Patent 10,845,140. Made in USA.

Check out the installation page.



  • 5
    .625 and .750 gas block genie

    Posted by Chad on Jan 22nd 2024

    Worked perfectly and my gas blocks were aligned and the product was super easy to use after watching their instructional video

  • 5
    Gas block genie

    Posted by Mark on Jul 3rd 2023

    Great product works terrific

  • 5
    Simple and Effective

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 13th 2023

    This was a much simpler and precise method of indexing a gas block. Wish I had found this sooner.

  • 5
    Gas block genie, so simple yet one heck of a neat little gadget

    Posted by Daniel Filippini on Aug 15th 2022

    If you are putting on a non pinned mil spec gas block, get one. Well worth the 14 bucks

  • 5
    Works as advertised

    Posted by Dan on May 16th 2022

    I needed to confirm that the gas block on my .625" journal barrels were in the correct spot. I used this cost effective tool to double check my other alignment tool. It confirmed that it was, indeed, aligned properly. Would gladly purchase again if need be.

  • 5
    .625 Gas Block Genie

    Posted by John M. on Oct 20th 2021

    Worked great! Glad I purchased this & the .750 GBG at same time for 2 in progress builds. Wish I had known of these products before.

  • 5
    Gas Block Genie

    Posted by 2stroke on Oct 4th 2021

    Works extremely well, easy clean up for it's next use and should virtually last forever. Only a libtard socialist could screw this up.

  • 5
    Gas Block Genie

    Posted by OLd_Sarge on Aug 12th 2021

    This is a good product and works well, the fact that it locates the gas port and clocks the block at the same time is a plus. The only improvement would be to make a set of many sizes for the AR Building gun shop.

  • 5
    Gas Block Genie

    Posted by Mark D Leech on Aug 4th 2021

    A great invention that makes it much easier to be sure that my gas block is correctly mounted. I've previously tried the plastic pin style alignment tool and while they work, they're a one-time use, expensive for it and you have to be sure to remove the pins after installation. This is a much better solution.