Roll Pin Wizard Instructions

Roll Pin Wizard installation instructions

1. Place the Wizard through the takedown pin hole so the rounded edge is facing toward the front of the lower receiver.
2. Place the punch through the hole in the Wizard, pointed toward the front of the receiver.
3. Place the roll pin against the roll pin boss, and slide the tip of the punch into the roll pin.
4. While holding the pin and punch with one hand, use a small hammer to drive the roll pin into the boss.
5. Once the pin has started, continue tapping the roll pin in until the pin is flush with the trailing edge of the first boss.
6. Place the bolt catch spring and plunger into their hole, and place the bolt catch on top.
7. Continue tapping the punch while wiggling the bolt catch so that the roll pin goes through the bolt catch hole.
8. Continue tapping the punch until the roll pin is installed to the correct depth.
9. Check the installation to be sure the bolt catch moves freely.

Pivot Pin installation instructions

1. Place the Wizard through the pivot pin so that the hole in the end of the Wizard is aligned with the detent hole.
2. Place the spring through the wizard into the detent hole, and follow with the detent.
3. Use the punch to depress the detent so that the detent is flush with the detent hole.
4. Use the punch to rotate the Wizard 90 degrees so that the spring and detent stay in the hole and the punch can be removed.
5. Place the pivot pin against the Wizard.
6. Begin pressing the pivot pin into the hole while putting resistance on the wizard. Pressing the two against each other slightly helps get the pivot pin past the detent.
7. As the pivot pin passes onto the detent, be prepared for the detent and spring to push on the pivot pin. You will have to apply downward force to keep the spring and pin in the hole.
8. Press the pin into the hole on the receiver, rotate the pin so that the detent locks into the groove in the pivot pin. 
9. Check the installation by sliding the pivot pin back and forth.