Gas Block Genie Instructions

The Gas Block Genie quickly and easily allows you to perfectly align the gas block hole with the gas port in your barrel every time.

1.    Squeeze the Genie slightly to install into the forward face of the gas block so that the hole in the Genie is centered on the gas block hole. It may be easier to remove the rearmost set screw to do this. Part of the Genie should be sticking out the front side of the gas block

2.    Use a very fine point marker or scribe to make a mark on the Genie where the forward edge of the gas block is. Make a small mark on the gas block at the slot in the Genie to indicate the top center of the gas block. It may be helpful to use a black marker on a stainless surface and a silver marker on a black surface.

3.    Remove the Genie from the gas block and snap onto the barrel so that the hole in the Genie is centered around the gas port in the barrel.

4.    Transfer the mark you made in step 2 to the barrel through the slot in the Genie.

5.    Remove the Genie and slide the gas block onto the barrel.  As the Gas block approaches the barrel’s gas port you will see the line on the barrel and the mark on the front face of the gas block.  Simply align the two and you are finished!  A perfectly aligned gas block!